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August 12, 2005: Catherine Barr: Gracious Grape Charity Event picture

June 7, 2004: Werner's Story

November 7, 2001: Marzipan Marvels

The Baker's Art with Werner Schmidt

Welcome to "The Baker's Art with Werner Schmidt". If you are interested in marzipan modeling, sugar blowing, sugar pulling, designer dessert making, cake decorating, chocolate sculptures, specialty bread making, exotic cookie making or any other pastry chef activities, then you will be interested in this site. From recipes to instructional videos to booking speaking engagements, find it all at BakersArt.com.

Purchase the complete set of videos in The Baker's Art Collection:

VOLUME 2: Purchase the NEWEST VIDEO of "THE BAKER'S ART WITH WERNER SCHMIDT" collection entitled: SENSATIONAL SUGAR; a fun instructional video for sugar pulling and sugar blowing. VOLUME 1: Purchase the first video entitled: MARZIPAN MARVELS; a fun video that demonstrates how to create figures out of marzipan.

Find out more or book Werner for speaking engagements on the following topics: Marzipan Modeling, Cake Decorating, Sugar Blowing, Sugar Pulling, Designer Desserts, Chocolate Sculptures, Specialty Breads and/or Exotic Cookies


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