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Who Is Werner?

Werner Schmidt……THE CANDY MAN.

As a young boy facing the hardships of the Second World War, he was often hungry and searching for scraps of food. He would dream of cakes, cookies and pies …….and those dreams were never forgotten.

At age 14 he apprenticed to become a baker and pastry chef, working in several bakeries in Germany. He moved to Switzerland to expand his experience and knowledge of confectionery work. While working as a pastry chef in a famous ski resort, Davos, he met his future wife, and since she already had a job lined up in Canada, he decided to accompany her.

He landed his first job as an assistant pastry chef at the Hotel Vancouver. A few years later his sense of adventure and his desire to broaden his expertise compelled him to accept a pastry chef position on an Alaskan cruise line. Then, after running his own bakery for a year he moved on to work for the Bayshore Inn and Ramada Inn as a pastry chef, followed by a major grocery store chain for more than 25 years where he excelled as head baker and master cake decorator.

Pastry work has always been more than just a job for Werner. It is his hobby, his passion…….his life!

His dream has expanded to include much more than just cakes, cookies and pies. Sugar blowing, chocolate sculptures, cake decorating and, as featured in his new video, Marzipan Marvels, are amongst his many special talents and skills. He has made several television appearances on the news, talk shows and cooking shows. He has been teaching a variety of courses for 40 years, and he has won many, many awards and prizes throughout his career including a 25 country icing competition, the Baker’s Production Club Award, Gingerbread House Competitions, Pacific National Exhibition Prizes and radio contests. He was also invited by the City of Vancouver to create the magnificent horse and carriage icing display for 6000 people celebrating the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana. Other unique creations include a life-sized chocolate Sasquatch and black bear made of icing, a fantasy castle made of 999 sugar cubes, and life-sized marzipan replicas of prominent political figures.

Get ready to watch “THE CANDY MAN” show just how fun and easy Marzipan Modeling can be. With a little imagination and creativity the opportunities are endless. Get ready to share in his dream.


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